About Us

Meet the Team

At ALNA Management, we’re incredibly proud of the more than 10 years of experience we’ve amassed in the Texas real estate market. More than anything else, ALNA Management was founded on the simple idea that a mixture of hard work, dedication and ethical practices will create an environment where satisfaction is guaranteed and success is an inevitability – both in terms of the investment property owners looking for a way to take their ROI to bold new heights and the tenants who are just looking for the ideal place to live.

If you’re an investment property owner with a single family residence that you’d like to see perform above and beyond your expectations, you’ve definitely come to the right place. At ALNA Management, we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of EVERYTHING from top to bottom – repairs, maintenance, quarterly inspections, tenant screening and more. All of our repairs are done by our highly trained in-house maintenance staff, so anything that needs to be done will be completed expertly with minimal costs to homeowners.