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Expert Property Management For Real Estate Investors

Easy ” Affordable ” Worry-Free

Single Family Rentals ” Townhomes ” Duplexes-Fourplexes ” Condos

  • Low, Flat Monthly Fee
  • Only $99 per unit per month
  • No start-up, rental, renewal or turn-over fees
  • Avoid the hassles and risks of managing your own property
  • Increase Your Cash on Cash Returns
  • Section 8 Experts


Profit From Landlords Who Manage For Landlords

In 2006, Alex Hemani began investing in single family rentals. Today, Alex owns over 300 rental units in the DFW Metroplex alone!

ALNA Management was created by Alex to manage his own properties. We now have the people, systems and capacity to share our property management success with other investors and owners of Single Family Rentals, townhomes, condos and small multifamily properties in the DFW Metroplex.

The sophistication developed by ALNA Management has enabled us to maintain economic occupancy rates greater than 97%…EVERY SINGLE YEAR…let us bring our ownership and management experience and success to your investments!

We manage your properties the same way we manage our own!

  • We find you the right tenants
  • We get you the best rent
  • We have cost-effective maintenance & repairs

Owning Residential Investment Properties Can be Great; Managing Them Can Be a Hassle

  • No more waiting for applicants who don’t show up to see your rental
  • No more midnight calls for plugged toilets
  • Avoid complaints about odors from a neighbor
  • No more eviction delays when tenants don’t pay

ALNA Management saves you the hassles of managing your own properties.

Avoid Risks

Many Federal Fair Housing and environmental laws apply to every property. Even in business-friendly Texas, many state and local laws favor tenants. Innocent or unintentional violations can cost you plenty.

ALNA Management helps you comply with government regulations and avoid risks

Improve Your Bottom Line

On smaller rental portfolios, an extra month vacancy, or hiring the wrong contractor for a repair, can be the difference between a positive cash flow for the year, and a substantial loss. While there is a cost to hiring third-party, professional property management, most people will experience less hassle and stress, with greater long-term investment returns.
Contact us today and see how ALNA Management can improve your ROI and peace of mind.

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